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EP328Embrace Your Unbreakable Spirit – Part 2


Entrusting Challenges to God

This episode is PART TWO of Brooke Thomas’ keynotes at a recent Live Out Loud Elite Mastermind Retreat. She shares how through the Holy Spirit, we are unbreakable and unshakeable, and we need to CLAIM this belief in our lives. Listen to PART ONE before you dive in.


Key Highlights

Entrusting Challenges to God: Brooke discusses the importance of handing our fears and challenges over to God, trusting in His plan and protection.

God’s Promise of Presence: She shares that, although we are not promised a life void of trouble, God has promised to carry us through our problems, offering a sense of strength in times of need.

Embracing Our Unbreakable Spirit: Brooke inspires listeners to recognize and harness the unbreakable spirit within, a gift from God that empowers us to overcome ANY obstacle with faith.

A Miracle Moment: Brooke shares a miracle moment that happened at the Elite Retreat where God showed up in an intimate and loving way through the prayer of a friend.



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