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EP327Embrace Your Unbreakable Spirit – Part 1


unbreakable spirit

This episode is PART ONE of Brooke Thomas’ keynotes at a recent Live Out Loud Elite Mastermind Retreat. She shares how through the Holy Spirit, we are unbreakable and unshakeable, and we need to CLAIM this belief in our lives. The episode is filled with personal anecdotes, spiritual insights, and a call for women to embrace their unbreakable spirit.


Key Highlights

Impact of Personal Sharing: Brooke’s journey and the transformative power of sharing struggles have led her to see that she truly is unbreakable.

Concept of Unbreakable Faith: Overcoming fear and intimidation can only come through faith.

Women Utilizing Their Diverse Gifts: Encouraging the use of unique gifts in faith journeys and how they ALL matter.

Definition of Unbreakable: Provides a deeper spiritual understanding of being ‘unbreakable’ and uses Scripture to remind us how unbreakable we truly are.



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