I help women at all stages of business &
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The Ignite Membership

I’m working towards my first $100k in business.

If you are still working towards your first 6-figures, The Ignite Membership is the perfect place to start! This monthly mentorship will help you to activate your faith and skill up so you can grow your business!

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The Live Out Loud Experience!

Activate your impact with an exclusive, luxury 3-day experience designed to help you fully step into your calling, create legacy wealth, and maximize your impact.

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About Brooke

From Stage 3 cancer diagnosis to an 8-figure legacy, I know the power of a woman whose faith is fully activated.

WIth a mission to help women write their own definition of success, I’ve mentored many who’ve already built 7,8, and even 9-figure empires.

God is calling a generation of women to rise up and create legacy wealth, impact, and transformation, so our daughters know what’s possible.

It’s your turn to fully activate the faith that is required to take your current success to the next level. I am here to help you become the business leader, wife, and mother that God’s empowered you to be.

Let’s activate your impact together.

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Our Reviews

Brooke I can't thank you enough! I fell so energized and back to when I let God fully in control of my life. This is exactly what I needed

Ann Sinclair

you are definitely making an impact in my life and in my prayer time. I've become much more bold. From a gal that came from keeping pretty quiet to speaking up, well, there's been a big shift. I truly believe it's what/who I'm talking about that gives me the confidence. Thank you


I'm excited to get out of bed in the morning because I know I have your message to look forward to. You are such a blessing❤️


Brooke, you have shown up in so many places in my life this week. My nephew committed suicide 11 years ago and that verse helped carry me through then, but I have never associated it to me personally in going to different levels. See, today is my nephew's birthday. I love how God used what you said on Monday to feed my heart on Wednesday, the day that I really needed to hear it. Thank you again for being you.

Michelle Harris

Hi Brooke I landed on your podcast about two months ago and I love how you navigate your world. Your kindness is contagious we need more of it. And I met Lisa several years ago when I picked her up from the airport for a womens conference. I too have read her books. I tell so many women about your Live Out Loud business.I joined Ignite to get a greater understanding of all you do and the women you serve.I'm honored to be here.I am in the process of building a business for the first time. I need help.

Sandy Lopes

Wanted to share with you the simple things you have done that have truly changed my life!💛 I can't remember who you brought in but they talked about the Holy Spirit 😍 Recognizing it! From that call I now know this! My body will get a tingling sensation through out! Today I spoke things out loud ( another thing I wanted to start doing from your calls) I would think of them and pray in my head but never out loud and today I did ~ spoke them out loud and as soon as I did my whole body felt this way❗️❗️ 😭 I can't thank you enough for showing me simple ways to change my life💛 I love you!!⭕️❌⭕️❌⭕️❌

Amy Mills (ELITE)

Thank you Brooke for always sharing. I love being part of your Live Out Loud community and in the Ignite group! It has truly been a blessing to keep my focus on God’s calling for myself and my business. I love you! Just thank you!

Angeline Moore

I literally take notes every morning on the words you share! 🙏🏽 💖

Natashia Mensah (ELITE 23)

Thank you Brooke!!!!! You always say the most perfect things to me!!! I love you with all my heart and soul! With everything I am. So grateful for your love and friendship!!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝

Shari Shula (ELITE 23)

Thank you for this message Brooke. What a wonderful reminder. I needed to wake up to this message today 💖

Kimberly Sturm (ELITE 23)

Thank you for those words, I really needed to hear that today! 🙏

Michelle Reagan

It is so powerful. It makes me to a little teary eyed 🥹 when I realize God is using you (someone I've never met) to speak to me... and it helps me understand that my personal relationship with the Lord is real and on the right track! Just thought you might need to hear how God is using you to speak into my life. Brooke...You do meaningful work! 🙌🏻You are blessed! 🙏🏻You are important! 👑You are loved!💕

Rachal Kidder

I shared your message with my husband. He was in Awe of how profound your message was for us in this moment. 💝

Christi Harper

Thank you so much! 🙏 I wholeheartedly received the Word of the Lord! I truly needed to hear this today!

Jacquelyn Simmons

Thanks 😊 I really needed this Love ❤️ you my beautiful sister in Christ!!!

Rose Ocasio

Thank you, Brooke 🙏 since attending your event last September, I felt more confident in my thoughts and words. I used to feel anxious when approached by people who are aggressive with their words/tone but I feel this inner peace and belief to spread love and joy with what I say and do. I can not control what others say/do but I have full control over how I take in their energy and react. Each situation I feel stronger and I really have you and your incredible group of women to thank you for helping me regain trust in the Lord. Sounds funny but I feel like I carry a shield to fight off the enemies and a warm blanket to comfort the hurt daily.

Katie Meyers

💗🙏💗🙏💗 Beautiful! Thank You for blessing me with these words this morning

Tonda Hall

Thank you for speaking words to me directly from Him today.

Beth Brandt

Brooke this came to me at the exact right moment ❤️

Felecia Wentway

I'm not sure who all you sent this to but it was exactly what I needed today!! I have been a Christian for over 40 years but I'm struggling right now. Having some health issues and have been worrying. I am a pharmacist at a cancer hospital so my mind always goes there. The devil knows my weak spot. I know God is bigger than anything I'm facing and I am trusting Him fully but this was just such a good reminder for me today so thank you so much!!!❤️

Mindy Conkel


The Live Out Loud Show

If you love learning, growing based on GOD’s word, check out The Live Out Loud Show wherever you listen to podcasts! Every week, I share lessons on business, identity, relationships, mental fitness, and so much more, so you can grow in life, business, and faith as you build the VISION God’s given you!

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If you love learning, growing based on GOD’s word, check out The Live Out Loud Show wherever you listen to podcasts! Every week, I share lessons on business, identity, relationships, mental fitness, and so much more, so you can grow in life, business, and faith as you build the VISION God’s given you!

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