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It’s hard not to look to the left and right & compare what you’re doing to everyone else on social media.

And before you know it you’re left questioning what you have to offer, your strategy, and maybe even your ability.
Deep down you’re doubting if you have what it takes to grow a successful business.

Are you feeling lost in the direction of your business and life?

Wondering if all of your hard work is going to pay off?

YOU’RE NOT ALONE IN THIS! I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 20 years, and at times I have struggled too!
I’ve mentored hundreds of other women and assisted them in creating and growing their own thriving businesses.

But I noticed a pattern that not only altered my journey, but the lives of the incredibly, powerful women I serve and walk alongside.

  • Mentorship is powerful. Everyone needs a mentor -- someone to hold you accountable and to call you higher so you can rise as a leader.
  • Clarity is key. The more you know who you serve, the more you show up, the more you take consistent action. The quieter the outside noise becomes.
  • Naming is claiming. What you speak is what you live. Are you a leader? Speak it. Are you a woman of faith? Speak it. Are you a thriving business owner? Speak it.
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IGNITING Next level leaders

What would happen if...

One decision can ignite your success.

Introducing the Ignite Membership!

This is the ONLY membership of its kind where you receive DAILY faith activations to your phone that empower you to show up in your business, life, and, faith confidently!

You were born with a unique set of gifts
and talents & there is NOT another
woman on earth just like you. It's time to ACTIVATE who God created you to be!

Imagine how your success would increase if…

You had a faith-filled mentor who would personally pour into you with tools, creative strategies, and resources, empowering you to take consistent ACTION.

Your spirit was lifted by Daily Texts to IGNITE purpose & passion with FAITH.

You received support to develop a winning mindset and upgraded business strategy.

You had access to collaborate with other Faith-Based Businesswomen who would support you. (Truly, there is no community like this one! It’s unreal. The access to the relationships alone make it PRICELESS!)

Ignite is committed to bringing like-minded hearts TOGETHER.



Faith Based
Membership For Women Entrepreneurs

Daily Text messages to ignite faith in your business and life Monday - Friday:

  • Inspiration to empower you and lead you into action each day.
  • Create real change in your life and business by starting your day with the Living Word.
  • Accelerate your faith by choosing what comes first!

Once a month Leadership zoom call to IGNITE your Business (Valued $1500)

  • You will be coached by Brooke as a group on your business, life, and faith.
  • Skill up in all areas of your life through the training Brooke provides.
  • Create an unshakeable mindset by growing your faith.

Private Facebook Group to connect and network with like hearted woman just like YOU! (Priceless)

BONUS #1: Access to The LeadHERShip Academy: (Valued $997)

  • 6 module course designed to help you become a next-level leader.

BONUS #2: Access the Live Out Loud Worship Playlist (Priceless)

Begin your journey inside Live Out
Loud Ignite today for only $97

Monthly Membership

Who is Live Out
Loud Ignite for?

This IS for the person WHO:

  • Doesn't always feel confident.
  • Is missing the income to pursue your passion projects.
  • Wants to accelerate your business and take real action towards reaching your goals.
  • Needs help creating a brand so you can take your business to the next level.
  • Knows you're being called to MORE but doesn't know where to start.

This is NOT for the person who:

  • Is focused more on competition than community and is unwilling to support other women.
  • Allows fear to continue to hold you back.
  • You want to try and do life and business on your own.
  • Isn't willing to trust the process and take real action towards reaching your goals.
  • Believes FAITH is unimportant.

Here's what others have to say about working with Brooke

Brooke I can't thank you enough! I fell so energized and back to when I let God fully in control of my life. This is exactly what I needed

Ann Sinclair

you are definitely making an impact in my life and in my prayer time. I've become much more bold. From a gal that came from keeping pretty quiet to speaking up, well, there's been a big shift. I truly believe it's what/who I'm talking about that gives me the confidence. Thank you


I'm excited to get out of bed in the morning because I know I have your message to look forward to. You are such a blessing❤️


Brooke, you have shown up in so many places in my life this week. My nephew committed suicide 11 years ago and that verse helped carry me through then, but I have never associated it to me personally in going to different levels. See, today is my nephew's birthday. I love how God used what you said on Monday to feed my heart on Wednesday, the day that I really needed to hear it. Thank you again for being you.

Michelle Harris

Hi Brooke I landed on your podcast about two months ago and I love how you navigate your world. Your kindness is contagious we need more of it. And I met Lisa several years ago when I picked her up from the airport for a womens conference. I too have read her books. I tell so many women about your Live Out Loud business.I joined Ignite to get a greater understanding of all you do and the women you serve.I'm honored to be here.I am in the process of building a business for the first time. I need help.

Sandy Lopes

Wanted to share with you the simple things you have done that have truly changed my life!💛 I can't remember who you brought in but they talked about the Holy Spirit 😍 Recognizing it! From that call I now know this! My body will get a tingling sensation through out! Today I spoke things out loud ( another thing I wanted to start doing from your calls) I would think of them and pray in my head but never out loud and today I did ~ spoke them out loud and as soon as I did my whole body felt this way❗️❗️ 😭 I can't thank you enough for showing me simple ways to change my life💛 I love you!!⭕️❌⭕️❌⭕️❌

Amy Mills (ELITE)

Thank you Brooke for always sharing. I love being part of your Live Out Loud community and in the Ignite group! It has truly been a blessing to keep my focus on God’s calling for myself and my business. I love you! Just thank you!

Angeline Moore

I literally take notes every morning on the words you share! 🙏🏽 💖

Natashia Mensah (ELITE 23)

Thank you Brooke!!!!! You always say the most perfect things to me!!! I love you with all my heart and soul! With everything I am. So grateful for your love and friendship!!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝

Shari Shula (ELITE 23)

Thank you for this message Brooke. What a wonderful reminder. I needed to wake up to this message today 💖

Kimberly Sturm (ELITE 23)

Thank you for those words, I really needed to hear that today! 🙏

Michelle Reagan

It is so powerful. It makes me to a little teary eyed 🥹 when I realize God is using you (someone I've never met) to speak to me... and it helps me understand that my personal relationship with the Lord is real and on the right track! Just thought you might need to hear how God is using you to speak into my life. Brooke...You do meaningful work! 🙌🏻You are blessed! 🙏🏻You are important! 👑You are loved!💕

Rachal Kidder

I shared your message with my husband. He was in Awe of how profound your message was for us in this moment. 💝

Christi Harper

Thank you so much! 🙏 I wholeheartedly received the Word of the Lord! I truly needed to hear this today!

Jacquelyn Simmons

Thanks 😊 I really needed this Love ❤️ you my beautiful sister in Christ!!!

Rose Ocasio

Thank you, Brooke 🙏 since attending your event last September, I felt more confident in my thoughts and words. I used to feel anxious when approached by people who are aggressive with their words/tone but I feel this inner peace and belief to spread love and joy with what I say and do. I can not control what others say/do but I have full control over how I take in their energy and react. Each situation I feel stronger and I really have you and your incredible group of women to thank you for helping me regain trust in the Lord. Sounds funny but I feel like I carry a shield to fight off the enemies and a warm blanket to comfort the hurt daily.

Katie Meyers

💗🙏💗🙏💗 Beautiful! Thank You for blessing me with these words this morning

Tonda Hall

Thank you for speaking words to me directly from Him today.

Beth Brandt

Brooke this came to me at the exact right moment ❤️

Felecia Wentway

I'm not sure who all you sent this to but it was exactly what I needed today!! I have been a Christian for over 40 years but I'm struggling right now. Having some health issues and have been worrying. I am a pharmacist at a cancer hospital so my mind always goes there. The devil knows my weak spot. I know God is bigger than anything I'm facing and I am trusting Him fully but this was just such a good reminder for me today so thank you so much!!!❤️

Mindy Conkel

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Become the leader you want to be. Who's pouring into you?

Hello, I’m Brooke Thomas.

I’ve helped 1000’s of women overcome obstacles that have been holding them back for years.

And I’ve been able to accomplish this because
FAITH in your GIFTS and in GOD is imperative.
BUT most importantly I’m walking in my purpose

You’re likely stuck because of a combination of the following:

You know you’re being called to MORE but you’re not 100% sure what that looks like.

You’re overwhelmed by the noise of social media and compare yourself to others.

You’re a leader who constantly pours into others but does not have anyone to pour into you.

You just need someone to hold you accountable and a plan that enables you to map out attainable short-term goals, so long-term goals aren’t so far out of reach.

Live Out Loud Ignite Can Help You:

Create a brand that you can stand behind proudly.

Trust the process so you can “attract your people.”

Activate a next-level FAITH so you don’t have to carry the weight of your life and business entirely on your shoulders.



  • #1

    Monthly Leadership Call (Valued $1500)

    Once a month Leadership connection call to IGNITE your business & call you higher

    This will be our membership group call where you will connect with other incredible women like you!

  • #2

    Daily Faith Activators via Text Message

    Just when you need it most I will pop into YOUR inbox with scripture, encouragement and calls to action Monday through Friday!

    I am known for speaking life into women and empowering them. I lead you into action and hold you accountable, so you can make real change every morning.

  • #3

    Private Facebook Group

    Connect and Network with like hearted woman just like YOU!

  • Bonus#1

    LeadHERShip Academy: (Valued $997)

    6 Module Video Course With Digitals Workbooks

    I will guide you through all the inside secrets, habits, and guiding principals I used to create multiple 7-figure business. Get clarity, vision, and endless inspiration.

  • Bonus#2

    Live Out Loud Worship Playlist ( Priceless)

    All of my favorite worship songs in one place!

Join today for just $97 a month, so I can
ignite the fire within you.


Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens if I wait?

I’m not here to breed fear. In reality, if you wait, you’ll likely be where you are today, tomorrow.
BUT… if you’re ready to build to the next level in your life and business
If you’re ready to develop a mindset, rooted in faith that fuels your drive and success.
If you’re ready to quiet the noise so you can stop comparing your journey to others.
If you’re ready to throw fear into the fire and IGNITE the passion in your heart.
Well, then the wait is going to be PAINFULLY SLOW.

That’s why I put together this Membership. I wanted you to have the tools you need as well as access to strategies & accountability at an affordable price!

You were born with and for a PURPOSE.

I encourage you to take bold action today by committing yourself to step into your gifts.

Take action!

Map out your short and long-term goals inside The LeadHERShip Academy. Plug into a community of like-hearted women. Plug into a next-level Faith Based Business Coach who will hold you accountable, so you can achieve what you never thought possible.

My very best, Brooke