Mental Wellness

We went all in!

Four years ago, Brett and I moved across the country to go all-in on our partnership with Amare Global, The Mental Wellness Company.

Brett resigned from his 25 year career (and TOP earner salary).

I had been looking for years for something Brett and I could do TOGETHER, and Amare’s incredible vision, products, and opportunity provided that for our family.

Today, we have a team of over 150,000 across the country, and are growing every single week.

Our Story

The Mental Wellness Revolution

In order to perform at the top of your game, to live out the calling God’s placed on your life, and to create the kind of impact I KNOW you want to create, it is absolutely critical that you invest in your mental health and wellness.

After my cancer diagnosis, I dove into the world of nutrition and learned just how important the way we eat fuels our physical health and wellness. Our mental wellness is no different. Everyday, we have an opportunity to support our mental fitness, stress resilience and physical performance with natural supplementation designed to help us thrive.

That’s what Amare is all about.

But what I LOVE most about this company is the incredible financial opportunity it provides for anyone willing to go all in, do the work, and build a stream of passive income that can fund their legacy work.

We did that, and know you can to!

“Come and join the Mental Wellness Revolution”

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