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EP338Activate Your Wealth


activate your wealth

In this episode, host Brooke Thomas is joined again by her good friend Heather Torres to discuss activating your wealth. Brooke emphasizes that wealth goes beyond just money, it also includes the Spirit, character building, and legacy. They discuss the inspiring story of the Love Out Loud ministry, highlighting the power of vision, faith, and community in creating impactful change. Brooke shares practical tips on how to activate your wealth, including her daily prayer inspired by the Prayer of Jabez. Activating your wealth is designed to help women multiply their businesses and make a greater impact. The episode is filled with motivational stories and insights, encouraging listeners to see wealth building as a means to expand their capacity for generosity and impact.


Key Highlights:

1. Practical Tips on Wealth Activation:

  • Daily prayer inspired by the Prayer of Jabez.
  • Believing in your potential and seeking opportunities.
  • Engaging in community for support and collaboration.

2. Faith and Wealth Building: Aligning wealth creation with Biblical principles to expand capacity for impact.

3. Community Engagement: Emphasis on the importance of being part of a supportive and driven community.


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