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EP337Activate Your Faith


Activate your faith

In this episode of the Live Out Loud Show, Brooke Thomas and her good friend Heather Torres are back for another round of conversation, this time on the topic of how to activate your faith in all areas of your life.


Key Highlights:

  • Brooke shares her journey of integrating faith into her business for over 20 years, emphasizing the importance of partnering with God and letting go of control.
  • Heather shares her personal experience of overcoming fear with Brooke’s guidance and emphasizes the power of faith over fear.
  • Brooke discusses the spirit of fear and its impact on individuals, and how activating faith can help overcome it.


Key Discussion Points:

  • The significance of incorporating faith into business and daily life.
  • Overcoming fear and intimidation through faith.
  • The power of scriptures and specific verses that inspire and guide.
  • Practical ways to activate faith and maintain spiritual strength.
  • The importance of community and support in the faith journey.


Bible Verses:

John 10:10

Ephesians 3:20

Jeremiah 29:11


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