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EP215Your Predicament Does Not Determine Your Destiny


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Do you feel limited by your current circumstances? Your predicament does not determine your destiny. And ALL things are possible if you BELIEVE. Listen in as Lia Valencia Key explains how she went from living in a homeless shelter to launching her jewelry line on QVC and get inspired to shine your light in the world!

In this episode, you’ll learn about…

  • [1:51] The opportunity you have to choose your destiny, regardless of your current circumstances
  • [8:49] The words that gave Lia permission to go after the whisper inside and live abundantly
  • [15:22] Lia’s advice to take the painful no’s and keep preparing
  • [22:30] Leveraging patience and grace to keep moving forward
  • [29:02] The powerful meaning behind Valencia Key jewelry
  • [35:03] How God prepares us for the next step toward our dreams—even if we don’t feel ready
  • [41:01] Why you can’t let the fear of imperfection stop you from dreaming
  • [44:36] Lia’s struggle with asking for what she wants (and how she’s overcoming it)
  • [48:58] What Lia is doing to bring commerce to Africa
  • [52:21] Lia’s calling to speak life into people through keynote speaking
  • [55:13] How Lia thinks about peace as the foundation of joy and love
  • [1:02:44] Lia’s encouragement to accept yourself for where you are and who you are—and extend that same grace to others

Show Notes

Do you feel limited by your current circumstances? Like you just can’t follow your calling because of the situation you’re in?

Here’s the thing: Your predicament does not determine your destiny.

Lia Valencia Key went from living in a homeless shelter to launching her jewelry line on QVC and being featured among Oprah’s Favorite Things. She’s shared her inspiring story on stages with Robin Roberts, Ed Mylett, Brendon Burchard, Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins.

And she’s living proof that all things are possible if you believe.

On this episode of The Live Out Loud Show, Lia joins Brooke to discuss what it was like to live in a homeless shelter and describe how her mother’s words of encouragement changed the trajectory of her life.

Lia shares the powerful meaning behind the Valencia Key brand, explaining how her jewelry serves as a reminder of the LIGHT within you.

Listen in for Lia’s insight on accepting yourself (and extending that grace to others) and get inspired to take the next step toward YOUR dreams!

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Believe It: How to Go from Underestimated to Unstoppable by Jamie Kern Lima

‘No Longer Slaves’ by Zach Williams (Live from Harding Prison)

Vicky Tsai

Jacqueline Finnan Hemmer

‘Joyful’ by Dante Bowe

‘Mercy’ by Elevation Worship

‘No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper’ by Fred Hammond

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