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EP335What To Do When You Don’t Hit Your Big Goals


don't hit your goals

In this episode of the Live Out Loud Show, host Brooke Thomas explores the topic of navigating setbacks when you don’t hit your goals. Drawing from her personal journey involving her husband Brett, Brooke shares the power of perseverance, the reality of delayed success, and how these experiences can move us toward even greater achievements.


Key Highlights:

  1. The Power of 90-Day Goals: Brooke emphasizes the importance of setting specific, time-bound goals every quarter, encouraging listeners to maintain focus and drive towards their aspirations.
  2. Dealing with Unmet Goals: Reflecting on the moments of discouragement when you don’t hit your goals, Brooke offers insights into maintaining motivation and the belief to persevere through challenging times.
  3. A Personal Story of Resilience: Brooke shares her personal experience of relocating across the country with her husband Brett to pursue their dreams, only to face unexpected challenges during the pandemic.
  4. Encouragement to Keep Going: Brooke challenges her listeners to reflect on how badly they want to achieve their goals and whether they are truly embodying that desire in their actions. She stresses the importance of going “all in,” regardless of immediate outcomes.


Persistence in faith is an important part of one’s journey. She invites listeners to share their goals and join her in fostering a community of support and encouragement, emphasizing that the journey is as significant as the destination.



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