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EP01What Does It Mean to Live Out Loud?


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Why not YOU? And why not RIGHT NOW? If you’ve been waiting until you feel ready to live your purpose, it’s time to take action toward those dreams. Listen in as Brooke explains what it means to live out loud and inspires us to take the first step—verbalizing the calling that’s in your heart.

In this episode, you will learn about…

  • What it means to live out loud
  • The concept of living in alignment with your purpose
  • Why you shouldn’t settle for meh
  • How FEAR is usually False Evidence Appearing Real
  • Overcoming the idea that you’re not qualified for your calling
  • The freedom that comes from verbalizing what’s inside
  • Choosing your life vs. reacting to it
  • What differentiates the women in the Live Out Loud community

Show Notes

How are you, really? Is ‘fine’ good enough for you?

Or would you rather live a life of purpose and fulfillment?

On the inaugural episode of The Live Out Loud Show, Brooke explains what it means to live out loud and fully embody the person you were created to be. She challenges us to explore whether we’re living in alignment with our purpose and weighs in on what holds us back from taking action on our calling.

Brooke also addresses the freedom that comes from verbalizing what’s in your heart, sharing how her personal battle with cancer inspired her to say YES to purpose and express her own dreams out loud. Listen in for insight on choosing your life rather than simply reacting to it and learn to wake up and start moving toward what you’re called to do.

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