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EP141Want A Life Of Abundance? Flip Your Thinking!


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If you want a life filled with blessings and abundance, it’s time to flip your thinking. Stop following the world’s logic and align with the upside-down kingdom of God. Listen in as Pastor and Author Alex Seeley shares her opposite-life principles for choosing worship over worry and finding freedom in the power of forgiveness!

Question Highlights

    • You’ve written a book about the ‘upside-down kingdom of God.’ Why do you describe it that way?
    • How did you realize you had unforgiveness in your heart toward your mother? What did you do to forgive her? And how can someone get to that place by themselves?
    • In Opposite Life, you talk about choosing worship over worry. Can you give us an example of that?
    • How did you know the God-nudge to move to the US was from truly from the Lord? How did your kids manage the adjustment? And what did you do to help them?
    • Did you have a go-to Scripture for people who came to you for guidance during the pandemic?
    • Can you tell us about the origin of The Belonging Co and the need it fills in your community?
    • What is your take on the importance of women in leadership both in church life and marketplace ministry?


In this episode, you will learn about… 

  • How our lives are blessed when we start living opposite to the worldly view
  • How resentment and unforgiveness manifest in our lives
  • Why you don’t need your oppressor’s apology to forgive and be free
  • Alex’s advice on asking the Lord to confirm His Word
  • How Alex’s congregation was prepared for adversity and demonstrated resilience through the pandemic and political divisiveness of the last year
  • The Belonging Co’s aim to honor the God in every human being
  • Why Alex is passionate about seeing women rise up and have a voice in ministry

Show Notes

If you want a life filled with blessings and abundance, it’s time to flip your thinking. To stop following the world’s logic and align with the upside-down kingdom of God.

Pastor and Author Alex Seeley is the Cofounder of The Belonging Co, a Holy Spirit-driven church based in Nashville, Tennessee. Her most recent book, Opposite Life: Unlocking the Mysteries of God’s Upside-Down Kingdom, describes 20 scriptural principles for living a powerful and abundant life.

On this episode of The Live Out Loud Show, Alex joins Brooke to explain what she means by the upside-down kingdom of God and share an example of the opposite-life principle of choosing worship over worry.

Alex opens up about how unforgiveness toward her mother manifested in her life and what she did to break free, finding healing and wholeness through the Holy Spirit.

Listen in for Alex’s insight on how to recognize a God-nudge and learn how YOU can leverage your faith to prepare for adversity and demonstrate resilience no matter what happens in the world around you!

Connect with Alex Seeley

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The Opposite Life: Unlocking the Mysteries of God’s Upside-Down Kingdom by Alex Seeley

Tailor Made: Discover the Secret to Who God Created You to Be by Alex Seeley

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Alex’s Interview on 100 Huntley Street

The Beatitudes

Romans 8:28-31

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