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EP172Valor Global: Rewriting the Rules on how we educate the next generation!



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Many parents are worried that their kiddos lost ground in school over the last 18 months. Others have concerns around whether the current education system truly prepares students for the future. Listen in as Doug and Thea Wood and Angie Taylor explain how their school, Valor Global Online, finds and fosters each child’s divine potential!

Question Highlights

  • Where did the idea for Valor Global come from?
  • You say it’s the creators who will transform culture and change the economy of a community. What do you mean by that?
  • How does creativity impact our overall success?
  • What does the school day look like for a student at Valor Global?
  • How do students engage in the Valor Global classroom? What do their days look like outside of being online?
  • Why is it important to you to incorporate faith into the education students get at Valor Global? Can you give an example of how you do that?
  • How does the synergy among the 3 of you benefit the families at Valor Global?
  • What’s next for Valor Global? How do you see the school growing in the next few years?

In this episode, you will learn about…  

  • Why the current education system doesn’t prepare kids for the real world
  • What Valor Global does to find and foster each student’s divine potential
  • How Valor Global gives families the flexibility to build their lives around what’s most important to them
  • What Thea, Doug and Angie do to encourage community within and beyond the online format
  • How Valor Global creates the space for students to learn about the truth of God’s Word
  • How Thea, Doug and Angie challenge each other to create a school fit for the future
  • Valor Global’s One2One initiative to educate students in developing nations

Show Notes

We know that education took a hit over the last 18 months, and a lot of parents are worried that their kiddos lost ground. Others have concerns about whether the current system is truly preparing students for the future.

Doug and Thea Wood shared those concerns long before the pandemic hit. But rather than just talk about the problem, they took action to build a solution.

The Woods partnered with Angie Taylor to found Valor Global Online, a Christ-centered school with a flexible, entrepreneurial approach to learning. The Valor team is dedicated to cultivating creativity and confidence in the kids who attend and creating a community that prepares them to pursue their dreams.

On this episode of The Live Out Loud Show, Thea, Doug and Angie join Brooke to explain why the current education system doesn’t prepare kids for the real world and how Valor Global solves that problem by finding and fostering the divine potential in each student.

They discuss what the school day looks like for kids at Valor Global, describing how they engage in the online classroom and why the format gives families the flexibility to build their lives around what’s most important to them.

Listen in for insight on how Valor Global incorporates faith into the curriculum and find out if the school and community Thea, Doug and Angie are building is the right fit for your family!

Connect with Thea, Doug & Angie

Valor Global Online

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Jeremiah 29:11

Harvard Think Tank on Global Education

Kick Fear in the Face

Church Boy to Millionaire: How to Find Personal Freedom and Liberate Your Millionaire Mindset for Massive Impact by Doug Wood

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