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EP340Unlocking Generational Wisdom: Insights from “Excuse My Grandma” Hosts


unlocking generational wisdom

Brooke Thomas sits down with the “Excuse My Grandma” podcast duo Grandma Gail and her grandaughter Kim — broadcasting from the sunny backdrop of Palm Beach at The Colony Hotel. This interview features the unique intergenerational insights and experiences that have captured the hearts of many listeners of all ages who follow along the “Excuse My Grandma” podcast. Join this conversation on unlocking generational wisdom.

Key Highlights:

  • How a pandemic relocation and the world of dating apps led to the birth of a beloved podcast of a grandma and granddaughter discussing different times and different perspectives. Together, they bridge generational gaps and share timeless wisdom through the lens of family.
  • Grandma Gail and Kim explore the shifts in dating, lifestyle, and values from the ’50s to the present, highlighting the evolving challenges and advantages faced by different generations.
  • Reflecting on their journey to becoming loved by so many, Gail and Kim share insights into maintaining authenticity and positivity in both personal and professional relationships.
  • A heartfelt discussion on the importance of family, the concept of legacy, and the values that stand the test of time, with personal stories that resonate with listeners seeking to build a meaningful life.
  • Tying into Brooke’s “Live Out Loud” community, the conversation highlights the power of supportive networks to cultivate resilience and happiness in business and personal lives.

Special Moments:

  • Grandma Gail imparts wisdom on sustaining long-term relationships and nurturing female friendships, while Kim discusses the importance of carving out a unique personal and professional identity.
  • Both guests share their hopes and actions toward creating lasting impacts, drawing from their rich life experiences and the strong bonds they share.


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