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EP32The Transition from Corporate Career to Entrepreneur


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Does your corporate job feel a lot less secure than it did a few weeks ago? Does the uncertainty have you wishing you were your own boss? Listen in as Brooke’s husband Brett Thomas shares his experience of transitioning from a 25-year corporate career to full-time entrepreneurship, discussing the role faith played in taking action on that vision!

Question Highlights

  • So many people fear the unknown right now. Can you speak to what that feels like?
  • When you left the corporate world, did you care what people thought? What advice do you have for people who think of their title as a big part of their identity?
  • You had a very strong belief in our vision to move to California and took action on that vision. Can you walk us through that?
  • What did you learn in the transition from a corporate structure to entrepreneurship that might help people right now?
  • What would you say to people who have a stigma around network marketing? How has your view of the industry changed?
  • How has routine kept us moving forward during the quarantine? Can you explain how our faith has kept us sane through the current health crisis?
  • What’s the biggest lesson you learned in moving from the corporate world to working with me?

In this episode, you will learn about…

  • Why Brett is confident he made the right decision to leave his corporate career
  • How Brett & Brooke make decisions based on prayer + stay committed to those choices despite the challenges that arise
  • Brett’s three-step approach to executing the shift to entrepreneurship
  • What Brett & Brooke are doing to show up and overdeliver during the quarantine
  • Brett’s gratitude for the residual income + opportunity to serve that network marketing provides
  • The three Biblical truths of sowing seeds that inspire Brett & Brooke to pour into themselves, their business, their family and community through the pandemic
  • How Brett & Brooke have learned to ‘stay in their own lane’ now that they’re working together

Show Notes

Does your corporate position feel a lot less secure than it did a few weeks ago?

The Coronavirus has left a lot of us without an income and fearful of whether we’ll have a desk to go back to when the quarantine is over.

Does the uncertainty have you wishing you were your own boss? Are you curious what it might look like to walk away from the corporate world to pursue entrepreneurship?

Brett Thomas is Brooke’s husband of 16 years and business partner in both their network marketing company and Live Out Loud community. He served as a top sales leader for 25 years with Medline Industries, taking them from $400M to $14B in sales and personally closing $2B in corporate contracts. Seven months ago, he left the familiarity of his W-2 to move his family across the country and join Brooke as a stay-at-home entrepreneur.

On this episode of The Live Out Loud Show, Brett joins Brooke to offer insight on making the transition from a corporate structure to entrepreneurship, discussing the role prayer played in their decision to move to California and how they took action on that vision. He speaks to the stigma around network marketing, explaining how his view of the industry has changed and sharing his gratitude for both the residual income and opportunity to serve it provides. Listen in to understand how faith is keeping Brett and Brooke moving forward through the current health crisis and learn what YOU can do to keep showing up and pouring into others during the quarantine.

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