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EP106The Secrets to Organic Growth on Facebook


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Think you’ve got to spend a ton of money on ads or hire a fancy social media manager to grow a following on Facebook? Listen in as Fallon Zoe explains how to build your brand organically and attract thousands of followers by building relationships with people—the same way you would in real life!

Question Highlights

  • What is one of the biggest misconceptions people have about expanding their following on Facebook?
  • How do you grow a following beyond your friends?
  • When you’re networking through Facebook groups, does it matter how big the groups are?
  • You’ve published 5K videos in the last three years. How important is consistency for Facebook growth?
  • What advice do you have for those of us who are struggling to achieve that kind of consistency?
  • When you’re starting new, should you create a business page or a Facebook group? Why?
  • Was it a mistake for me to make my free community a private group? What’s the point of making a group public? Who sees what?

In this episode, you will learn about…

  • Why you have to create your own traffic in order to grow organically on Facebook
  • Networking on Facebook through other people’s groups and business pages
  • How to attract a following for your business by being active in hobby groups
  • Fallon’s advice on achieving consistency by making a commitment to do one minimum action at the same time each day
  • When to set up a business page vs. a Facebook group
  • What Facebook is doing to make business pages more discoverable in Google search
  • The value in naming a private group around the keywords people are searching for

Show Notes

Think you’ve got to spend a ton of money on ads or hire a fancy social media manager to grow a following on Facebook?

What if you could build your brand organically and attract thousands of followers, simply by building relationships with people the same way you would in real life?

Fallon Zoe is the Organic Growth Specialist behind Lady Tribe, a coaching platform that teaches women how to use Facebook and social media to grow their business without advertising. She built a following of more than 50K women organically on the Lady Tribe Facebook page, and today, she works with the Facebook team to develop and test new features for the platform. Fallon was also recently selected as one of 20 video creators to launch the prestigious Facebook Stars program.

On this episode of The Live Out Loud Show, Fallon joins Brooke to explain how to grow a following organically on Facebook and share her top strategies for networking through other people’s groups. She describes the importance of posting regularly on the platform, offering advice on how to achieve consistency—no matter how busy you are otherwise! Listen in for Fallon’s insight on creating a business page versus a Facebook group and learn how to grow an existing community (even if it’s private).

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