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EP329The Power of Prayer in Business, Life, and Relationships with Special Guest Brett Thomas


prayer in business

Host Brooke Thomas is joined by her husband, Brett, to discuss what has been pivotal to their success in business, life, and relationships: prayer. They share their personal journeys, highlighting how prayer, especially when done aloud and together, has been the cornerstone of their achievements and the strength of their bond.


Key Highlights

Introduction to Prayer: Brooke and Brett discuss the initial discomfort and eventual breakthroughs that came with incorporating prayer into every aspect of their lives, from parenting to business decisions.

Praying Over Your Children: They share about praying for their daughters, illustrating the profound impact of prayer on their children’s lives, including navigating challenges and encouraging their own spiritual growth.

Business and Financial Breakthroughs Through Prayer: Brett recounts a critical moment when prayer led to an unexpected tripling of their business revenue, demonstrating how faith and persistence in prayer can bring about miraculous financial growth.

Strengthening Marriage with Prayer: Brooke and Brett open up about how praying together, especially during times of conflict, has strengthened their marriage, reducing recovery time and deepening their connection.

This episode provides listeners with actionable advice on how to start praying out loud, alone or with a partner, and the importance of making prayer a daily habit.


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