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EP112The Money Mindset to Build Wealth


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Wealth shaming and generational poverty are for real. Some feel bad for having more, while others feel stuck with less. So, how do we start to see money as something we deserve? Listen in as Gretchen Heinen explains what the Bible says about prosperity and how YOU can earn multiple six figures as an entrepreneur!

Question Highlights

  • What do you tell people who pivoted during the pandemic and feel guilty about their success when so many others are suffering financially?
  • What guides you in your business when it comes to what the Bible says about wealth?
  • I love knowing that you learned most of your entrepreneurial skills form Google and YouTube. Can you expand on this and give people some hope around using the internet for good?
  • How was joining a mastermind a game-changer for you? How did you help your husband understand how important it was to invest in yourself?
  • You believe in creating multiple income streams. What would you say to someone with a full-time job who doesn’t think they have time? What would you say to someone who lost their job in the pandemic and doesn’t know where to begin?
  • Being a mom hasn’t stopped you from running multiple businesses. When life gets overwhelming for you, how do you re-center?
  • How did you learn to ask the Holy Spirit for guidance? How long have you been doing that? Can you share your journey around this?

In this episode, you will learn about…

  • What Scripture tells us about success being our birthright and the role mindset plays in attracting abundance
  • The true definition of prosperity and how to hold it in your heart (regardless of your circumstances)
  • How you can make money doing ANYTHING provided it solves a problem for people
  • Why creating a movement is the best way to sell a product
  • How losing their 9-to-5 jobs during the pandemic made room for Gretchen and her husband to seek out better opportunities
  • How Gretchen prays for the Holy Spirit to reveal what is ‘mission critical’
  • What James 1:2-4 teaches us about growing stronger through times of trial

Show Notes

Wealth shaming and generational poverty are real issues for a lot of people. Some feel bad for having more, while others feel stuck with less.

Money can get into your mind, and if you don’t control the narrative, a poor mindset can do a lot of damage.

So, how do you learn to look at money differently and start to see it as something you deserve? What if you could earn multiple six-figures and show up BIG for your God-given calling?

Gretchen Heinen built multiple income streams that add up to seven figures. And she did it ON THE SIDE while working full-time as a nurse! Today, she teaches others to do the same through her Net Worth It School, a faith-based business mentorship platform that offers 1:1 coaching, entrepreneurship courses and a monthly membership program to help people create financial legacy. Gretchen is also the host of the Net Worth It Podcast.

On this episode of The Live Out Loud Show, Gretchen joins Brooke to discuss the true definition of prosperity, explaining what the Bible says about wealth and why it’s our birthright.

Gretchen explains how she made her husband understand the importance of investing in a mastermind (and how she earned that $10K back in one weekend!) and offers advice on creating multiple streams of income—with or without a full-time job.

Listen in for insight on asking the Holy Spirit for guidance when you’re feeling overwhelmed and learn to leverage Scripture to shift your money mindset and start building the abundance you deserve.

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