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EP13The Building Blocks of Intentional and Impactful Relationships


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We were all created for connection, but then we get hurt and forget. We put up walls and end up feeling isolated and alone. So, what can we do to foster genuine bonds and bring out the best in each other? Listen in as Brooke shares the 3 building blocks of intentional and impactful relationships!

In this episode, you will learn about…

  • The declaration statement Brooke uses to attract authentic connection
  • Brooke’s gift for seeing and celebrating the greatness in others
  • How Brooke met and became friends with Lisa Bevere
  • Building relationship equity by telling people what they mean to you and sharing them with others
  • What keeps us from believing that we were created for connection
  • The three building blocks of healthy, intentional relationships
  • The role of self-awareness in fostering strong relationships
  • How empathy deepens our connections as we seek to understand each other
  • Cultivating healthy relationships by expressing our truth and setting clear boundaries

Show Notes

Do you remember what it was like to have childlike faith in other people? When you could walk up to another tiny human and ask, “Do you want to play?” or, “Would you like to be my friend?”

We were all created for connection, but then we get hurt and forget. We put up walls to protect ourselves and end up feeling detached and alone. So, what can we do as adults to cultivate healthy, powerful relationships? How can we bring out the best in each other and become ALL that God has created us to be?

On this edition of Inspo On-the-Go, Brooke shares the three key building blocks of intentional and impactful relationships, describing the time she felt isolated and lonely and how she went about creating the space for genuine connection in her life.

Brooke shares the declaration statement she uses to attract and foster authentic relationships and discusses the role self-awareness plays in helping us build epic human connection. Listen in for insight on leveraging empathy to honor others (even when you disagree) and learn how to express your truth, set healthy boundaries, and grow into your power as a builder of people, relationships and community.


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