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EP176Taking Responsibility for Your Health & Happiness


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Get to know Elizabeth Benton and hear her story in this conversation with Brooke


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The mainstream health conversation focuses largely on things we can’t control. But there are many things we CAN do to keep ourselves and our families healthy. Listen in Brooke and her good friend Elizabeth Benton discuss the community they’re building to help people take responsibility to improve their health and happiness in this season!

In this episode, you will learn about… 

  • What inspired Elizabeth and Brooke to initiate a new conversation around health
  • What we can do to take responsibility for our health and build our immune systems
  • Why Elizabeth initially resisted participating in Amare’s Happy Challenge
  • The relationship between our mental and physical health
  • How we’re chasing dopamine in ways that are not good for our health in the long term
  • Why being active in community is crucial to healing
  • The community Elizabeth and Brooke are building to focus on health solutions
  • How YOU can help Elizabeth and Brooke by sharing what you need in this season

Show Notes

For the last 18 months, the health conversation has focused largely on things we can’t control.

But the fact is, there are a lot of things we CAN do to improve our physical and mental health. To support our immune systems. To take responsibility for our own wellbeing and keep ourselves and our families healthy.

So, Brooke and her friend Elizabeth Benton are changing the conversation and creating a community to support YOU in improving your health and happiness.

Elizabeth is the creator of Primal Potential, a platform designed to help people overcome fear and step into their full potential. 

On this episode of The Live Out Loud Show, Elizabeth and Brooke sit down to explain what inspired them to initiate a conversation around health that focuses on solutions we can control.

They discuss the relationship between our mental and physical health, challenging us to ‘ring the pleasure bell’ in ways that are good for us long term.

Listen in for insight on Amare’s Happiness Challenge and learn how to help Elizabeth and Brooke build this new, health-conscious community by sharing what YOU need in this season!

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Elizabeth Benton on The Live Out Loud Show EP002

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