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Do the photographs on your website and social channels reflect the energy and passion you have for your calling? Listen in as Brand Photographer and Content Marketing Strategist Brodie Pierson explains how to step into your power and create a movement—by building a personal brand that attracts the people you are meant to serve!

Question Highlights

  • What do you do for the brands you serve? Why is it so effective?
  • Can you tell us the story of how you discovered photography? What did sharing your photos on social teach you about the value of personal branding?
  • What made you, as a high school student, take the initiative to learn photography on your own and then start a successful business?
  • Walk us through the conversation when you told your parents you wanted to pursue photography rather than taking over the family ranch.
  • What is the #1 objection you get from clients you’re photographing? How do you help them get so comfortable, so quickly?
  • Tell us about how you took responsibility for your life and stepped into your purpose as a brand photographer. What did you do to prepare for your very first client?
  • How do you respond and recover when people say negative things about you or your work?

In this episode, you will learn about…

  • How building a personal brand accelerates your success
  • How Brodie leveraged Facebook to build a wedding photography business at the age of 16
  • Overcoming other’s expectations to pursue your true calling
  • How we live in a time when you can name your price if you’re the best in the world at what you do
  • How Brodie helps clients overcome the feeling of not-enough and inspires them to let go
  • Why showing up with energy and passion is key in getting results
  • Brodie’s approach to tuning out criticism by focusing on his mission

Show Notes

Do the photographs on your website and social channels reflect the energy and passion you have for your calling?

Creating the movement you’re truly capable of starts with building a personal brand that attracts the people you are meant to serve.

Brodie Pierson is a leading expert in personal brand photography and content marketing strategy, helping hundreds of entrepreneurs craft a brand that stands out online. He travels the world, photographing clients he attracted through Facebook and Instagram in stunning locations like Florence, Mallorca and Miami. Brodie’s work has appeared in Forbes, Thrive Global and HuffPost, and he has photographed TEDx Speakers, bestselling authors and prominent CEOs.

On this episode of The Live Out Loud Show, Brodie joins Brooke to explain how his photography helps people step into their power and build an effective personal brand. He describes how he overcame his family’s expectations to pursue his true purpose as a brand photographer, challenging us to show up for what we want—and keep showing up even when people criticize our choices. Listen in to understand how Brodie helps his clients gain the confidence to let go and learn why energy and passion are more important than having it all figured out!

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