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EP80Making Friends with Our Anxiety


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We’re living in a time when being on camera is the best way to connect with our people. But what if your anxiety kicks in just thinking about it? Listen in as Colleen Odegaard explains how to navigate the fear, wake up to your potential and show up as your best self on video!

Question Highlights

  • You’ve done thousands of interviews in the course of your career. What have you learned about the human condition?
  • Can you speak to your journey to becoming a life coach?
  • Can you talk about the transformation you made from filled-with-anxiety to where you are today?
  • What do you do to help people ‘not suck’ on camera?
  • You’re the host of the Wake Up to Your Life podcast. What do you want people to wake up to?
  • What was the turning point when you decided to go for it and start your podcast?

In this episode, you will learn about…

  • The beauty in daring to share our stories with others
  • The feelings of not-good-enough that plagued Colleen for years and triggered her anxiety
  • The tools Colleen uses to navigate anxiety and other negative emotions
  • Why we need to FEEL our pain in order to heal it
  • Colleen’s advice around leveraging positive self-talk and mastering the content to connect with your audience on video
  • Why it’s crucial to surround yourself with people who will remind you who you really are
  • The correlation between showing up on camera as your authentic self and the impact you can make
  • Colleen’s challenge to stop living on autopilot and wake up to your potential

Show Notes

We’re living in a time when it’s crucial to show up on video.

Whether you’re in a corporate job and want to do better on Zoom or you’re an entrepreneur looking to level-up your personal brand, NOW is the perfect time to skill up when it comes to being on camera.

But what if your anxiety kicks in just thinking about it? What can you do to work through the fear and hit record anyway?

Colleen Odegaard is the Video Media and Life Coach behind Wake Up to Your Life, a platform designed to help people stop sleepwalking and fully live their one precious life. She has 28 years of experience as a television personality, serving as the morning and midday news anchor for NBC Charlotte and the cohost of Charlotte Today, and Colleen is also the host of the Wake Up to Your Life podcast.

On this episode of The Live Out Loud Show, Colleen joins Brooke to describe her transformation from feeling not-good-enough to where she is now, sharing the techniques she uses to navigate anxiety (and other negative emotions). She challenges us to stop living on autopilot and wake up to our potential, using the gifts God has given us to make our maximum impact. Listen in for Colleen’s insight on witnessing your thoughts without indulging in them and learn her top strategies for showing up as your best self on video!

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