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EP286How to Take Action on Your Dreams


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Are you taking action on your dreams? Or leaning into excuses? What if you took Jesus at His word and expected Him to equip you with everything you need to make an impact? Listen in as Rachel Wortman explains how to stop blaming your circumstances and let the Lord accomplish BIG things through you!

Question Highlights 

  • I know that your real estate brokerage is the second largest in Oklahoma City. Can you give us one mistake that you made when you were growing and scaling? And then one thing that you knocked out of the park?
  • What is your best piece of advice when women are getting into real estate investing?
  • Before the show, I asked you what you would want someone to take away from this podcast, and you said, ‘Take action on their dreams.’ Can you go into that a little deeper about why it’s so important to take action?
  • What have you learned about taking action that might help someone listening who is putting it off?
  • How do you find balance with your amazing family and your business and all the things that women face?
  • You were a pastor for nearly a decade. How have you been able to incorporate your faith into the business world?
  • How have you seen the effects of the Live Out Loud masterminds in your business or in your life?
  • Talk to me about your book Goodness Culture. Why this book? Why these core values? Why do we want to run out and get it right now?

In this episode, you will learn about…

  • [1:08] How to build backend systems and create culture in your business
  • [4:47] Why Rachel suggests finding a mentor to help you with real estate investing
  • [9:19] Blaming your circumstances vs. expecting Jesus to empower you
  • [13:39] 3 journal prompts to help you take action on what God wants you to do
  • [16:05] What it looks like to lean into the rhythms of what God is doing in your life
  • [25:15] How Rachel gave herself permission to build a Kingdom business
  • [29:06] The power of encouragement Rachel gets from the Live Out Loud community
  • [33:05] Rachel’s 4 core values of liberation, freedom, joy and abundance

Show Notes

Are you taking action on what God is calling you to do in this life? Or are you leaning into excuses?

What if you took Jesus at His word and expected Him to equip you with everything you need to move forward on your dreams?

Rachel Wortman is an author, licensed pastor, and co-owner of a real estate empire. She’s also the host of the new podcast, The Kingdom Purpose Coaching Show, and the author of Goodness Culture: Recovering the Essence of Eden.

On this episode of The Live Out Loud Show, Rachel joins me to explain how she grew her real estate business into the second largest brokerage in the State of Oklahoma.

Rachel describes how she leans into the RHYTHMS of what God is doing in her life rather than trying to find BALANCE and shares her struggle with giving herself permission to build a Kingdom business.

Listen in for Rachel’s insight on surrendering to the God whisper in your heart and learn how to move past the temptation to blame your circumstances and let the Lord accomplish big things through you!

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Goodness Culture: Recovering the Essence of Eden by Rachel Wortman

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