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EP205How to Rewire Your Brain for Success


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Is your brain holding you back? What if you could rewire your thinking to achieve the success you crave? Listen in as Dr. Shannon Irvine explains how to apply neuroscience to business, describing what it means to become the CEO of your own mind, flip the ‘success switch’ and step fully into your God-given calling!

Question Highlights

  • How is something as involved as neuroscience connected to being successful in business? 
  • You talk about being the CEO of your own mind. What do you mean by that? 
  • What inspired you to go back to school for your PhD later in life? 
  • I know that one of the most important things to you is to keep learning and to keep investing in yourself. Can you explain why that’s so important to you?
  • I know that God called you to start Mosaic Vision Ministries. Can you tell us a little bit more about the nonprofit and how we can support your ministry? 
  • What else do you have going on right now? How can my community reach out and get involved?
  • If you were ten times more brave, what would you be doing right now? 

In this episode, you’ll learn about…

  • [1:40] How Dr. Shannon learned to wire her brain for success
  • [9:40] How our thoughts create our reality and drive our decisions, actions and results
  • [13:03] The roadblock Dr. Shannen hit in her own business and how it inspired her to study neuroscience
  • [18:03] How Dr. Shannen thinks about learning as sowing seeds
  • [21:40] Dr. Shannen’s journey to helping AIDS orphans in Uganda
  • [26:27] Dr. Shannen’s Epic Success Accelerator and coaching certification program
  • [29:03] The moment Brooke realized her success was inevitable

Show Notes

Is your brain holding you back? 

So many of us can’t seem to find the hours in a day to do it all—work, family and faith. 

But Dr. Shannon Irvine argues that rewiring your thinking, like rewiring a light switch, can help you find the success, happiness and balance you’ve been craving. 

Dr. Shannon has a PhD in neuropsychology, and she leverages that knowledge to help entrepreneurs use our God-given talents to grow a deeply fulfilling business and life we love. She is also the host of Epic Success, an iTunes top 100 business podcast, and the creator of Mosaic Vision, a nonprofit that serves orphans in Uganda. 

On this episode of The Live Out Loud Show, Dr. Shannen joins Brooke to discuss how she applies neuroscience to business, describing how she rewired her own brain to achieve next-level success.

Dr. Shannen explains how to be the CEO of your own mind, exploring the parallels between brain science and Scripture when it comes to choosing our thoughts.

Listen in for Dr. Shannen’s insight on the importance of investing in yourself and learn how to flip the success switch and step fully into YOUR God-given calling!

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