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EP113How To Find A Mentor Or Coach That’s Right For You


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Is this the year you stop playing small and start investing in YOU? Listen in as Brooke shares the 3 things that kept her stuck for so long, the game-changing moment when her life shifted, and the 3 guidelines she uses to choose the masterminds, mentors and coaches who support her next-level success!

In this episode, you will learn about…

  • The 3 things that kept Brooke stuck at the same level of success
  • How Brooke learned to get uncomfortable and do things messy and afraid
  • Why you can’t worry about other people’s opinions or compare yourself to others
  • The game-changing moment when Brooke’s business and life shifted
  • Brooke’s 3 guidelines for choosing a coach, mentor or mastermind
  • How to find a mentor with similar values who makes you feel comfortable
  • The value in picking a coach who is willing to share their story

Show Notes

What’s the cost of staying where you are?

Is this the year you finally take the leap and invest in YOU? Is this the year you stop playing SMALL and make a different decision to have a different outcome?

On this episode of The Live Out Loud Show, Brooke shares the three things that kept her stuck at the same level of success for so long, explaining how she finally learned to get uncomfortable and stop worrying about other people’s opinions.

Brooke walks us through the game-changing moment when her life shifted and she started investing in mentors and joining masterminds with proven results.

Listen in for Brooke’s insight on choosing a coaching program that aligns with your values, makes you feel comfortable and offers the resources you need to achieve next-level success!


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