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EP88How to Connect Your Teen with Their God Given Purpose


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It is exhausting to live out a false identity. To cover up your shame and pain in an attempt to stay in control. But how exactly do you learn to be obedient? Listen in as Hannah Donnelly explains how she made the choice to let God in and stepped into His calling on her life.

Question Highlights

  • I was so impressed by your testimony at the Tetelestai Ministries Youth Revival. Would you share your story with us?
  • Do you remember the point when you started to get curious about the world? Was there a specific moment of temptation?
  • What would you say to a young person who’s unhappy and not willing to talk to their parents about it? What would you tell them to do first?
  • How has your life been radically different since that moment of surrender to God?

In this episode, you will learn about…

  • How Hannah got caught up in the world despite her Christian upbringing
  • Hannah’s insight on how living a false identity leads to isolation and sin
  • How we can be set free in an instant by making the choice to let go and let God in
  • How living out her true identity has made Hannah a magnet for new friends and more positive relationships
  • Hannah’s commitment to be bold and obedient in pursuing her dream of becoming an artist
  • Hannah’s challenge to surrender to God TODAY and let Him lead you

Show Notes

It is exhausting to live out a false identity. To try and stay in control by covering up your shame and pain. By numbing yourself with alcohol or food or relationships that aren’t good for you.

But how exactly do you learn to be obedient and let the Lord take over? And what do you do if it’s your teenager who’s struggling?

Hannah Donnelly is the face of the Youth Ministry at Tetelestai, a Christian community on a mission to help people have a personal encounter with God that awakens their true identity in Christ. Hannah leads Tetelestai’s Youth Revival events, supporting young people in getting equipped for the next season and achieving radical transformation through Jesus Christ.

On this episode of The Live Out Loud Show, Hannah joins Brooke to share her testimony, describing how she got caught up in the world despite a Christian upbringing. She offers advice to other young people who are unhappy, explaining how living out a false identity led her to isolation and sin—and how she was set free in an instant once she made the choice to let God in. Listen in to understand how Hannah’s life has radically changed since that moment of surrender and find out what you can do TODAY to step into God’s calling on your life.

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