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EP203How to Build Your Brand on YouTube


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Are insecurities keeping you from showing up on video? What if people are waiting on the other side of the camera for YOU to press record? Listen in as Marketing Strategist Heather Torres explains how to get over the fear of other people’s opinions, grow your camera confidence and build a successful brand on YouTube!

Question Highlights

  • When Think Media first started out, you offered to work for free. What did that feel like? Can you talk about the confidence and faith it took to make that decision?
  • What are some of your tricks to being confident on camera? 
  • Think Media has almost 2 million subscribers on YouTube and thousands of students in the Video Ranking Academy. What is your best piece of advice for getting videos ranked? 
  • You run several successful businesses and homeschool your 3 kids. How do you manage to focus on everything and get it all done? 
  • In addition to Think Media, you also run your own successful YouTube channel. What has that experience been like?

In this episode, you’ll learn about…

  • [1:43] The benefits (beyond money) of partnering with another entrepreneur
  • [6:31] How to get over your fear of other people’s opinions and build your camera confidence
  • [15:32] Why It’s crucial to film YouTube videos that answer specific questions
  • [23:21] Heather’s advice around understanding your mission and building in community
  • [30:44] What inspired Heather to create The Homeschool House YouTube channel
  • [35:29] How Think Media can help you build a sustainable brand on YouTube

Show Notes

Are your insecurities keeping you from showing up on video? 

Heather Torres believes that YouTube is the best way to build a lasting, sustainable brand online. And that people are waiting on the other side of the camera for YOU to press record.

So, how can you get over the fear of other people’s opinions and grow your camera confidence?

Heather is the COO of Think Media, a platform designed to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs build their influence with video. A top digital marketing strategist, Heather helped Think grow a YouTube following of nearly 2 million subscribers, and she is the go-to expert for taking your channel to the next level.

On this episode of The Live Out Loud Show, Heather joins Brooke to explain why she offered to work for free when she joined Think Media and explore the benefit of partnering with other entrepreneurs.

Heather describes how she runs several successful businesses and homeschools her three children, discussing the ‘your race, your pace’ approach to life she shares on her personal YouTube channel, The Homeschool House.

Listen in for Heather’s advice on getting videos ranked and learn how Think Media can help YOU get your first 1,000 subscribers and make your first $1,000 on YouTube! 

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