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EP17How to Avoid the Comparison Trap


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Are you judging your reality against someone else’s social media highlight reel? Comparing your growth to someone else’s timeline? Feeling less than because someone else appears more capable or confident? Listen in as Brooke shares her top four strategies for avoiding the comparison trap and celebrating the unique gifts God has given YOU!

In this episode, you will learn about…

  • Why it’s a mistake to compare ourselves to other people
  • How we can use our talents + gifts to rise up together
  • How to disarm our pain and shame by speaking it out loud
  • What happens when thoughts that aren’t true take a stronghold in our minds
  • Brooke’s top four strategies for avoiding the comparison trap
  • Using our social media feed for inspiration rather than judgement
  • How to shift our perspective with a gratitude practice

Show Notes

“Comparison is the thief of joy.”

–Teddy Roosevelt

Social media makes it easy to fall into the comparison trap. But when we judge our reality with someone else’s highlight reel, a whole host of negative emotions come up—jealousy, shame, defeat. So, what can we do to remind ourselves of our worthiness and steer clear of comparison?

On this edition of Inspo On-the-Go, Brooke explains why it’s a mistake to compare ourselves with other people. She describes how we can eliminate rivalry and jealousy by using our gifts to complement each other—and rise up together.

Brooke goes on to discuss the danger in letting negative self-talk take root in our minds and the power in speaking our pain and shame out loud. Listen in for Brooke’s top four strategies for avoiding the comparison trap and learn to embrace your unique purpose and celebrate the gifts God has given YOU!


Without Rival: Embrace Your Identity and Purpose in an Age of Confusion and Comparison by Lisa Bevere

Brooke’s Elite Mastermind

The Everyday Life Bible: The Power of God’s Word for Everyday Living with commentary by Joyce Meyer

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