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EP177Get Out of Your Own Way: How to Overcome Your Excuses



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What excuses are keeping you from the life you want? It’s easy to blame our circumstances for why we’re not taking action on our dreams. But is that really the problem? Listen in as Brooke shares 3 boss moves you can use to push past excuses, strengthen your mental edge, and step into your power!

In this episode, you will learn about…

  • How excuses stop us from experiencing breakthrough
  • The three most common excuses we use to explain why we don’t have the life we want
  • What we really mean when we say we don’t have time
  • The value of taking bold, imperfect action
  • Why we must recognize, forgive and let go of our pain
  • Brooke’s favorite Bible verses around cultivating an abundance mindset
  • Replacing limiting beliefs with power statements

Show Notes

What excuses are keeping you from living the life you want? 

It’s easy to blame our circumstances for why we’re not taking action on our dreams. But if we stop and get really honest with ourselves, it’s rarely about a lack of time or resources. It’s almost never somebody else’s fault.

Are you ready to break up with your excuses? To replace I can’t because… with bold action? To take responsibility as the boss of your own life?

On this edition of Inspo On-the-Go, Brooke shares the top three excuses she hears most often, explaining what we REALLY mean when we say we don’t have time and why it’s better to take bold, imperfect action than wait until we’re ‘ready.’

Brooke goes on to discuss the three BOSS moves we can use to push past our excuses and strengthen our mental edge, describing why it’s essential to deal with our pain so that it doesn’t control us anymore. Listen in for Brooke’s insight on cultivating an abundance mindset and learn to replace your limiting beliefs with power statements—and fight for the life you want!


Tyranny of the Urgent by Charles E. Hummel

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