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EP66Get Addicted to the Climb


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Grief. Guilt. Negative self-talk. These are the dream killers that hold so many of us back from living our purpose. But what can you do when you’re stuck in a dark place? Listen in as cancer survivor Kelley Tyan explains how to shut down the self-sabotage and take action to create your own happiness!

Question Highlights

  • You say that you’re addicted to the climb. What does ‘the climb’ mean to you? And why do you love that so much?
  • How did cancer change you?
  • How did your belief system determine your path?
  • I know your mom died suddenly, and it rocked your world. How did you not get stuck in those feelings?
  • Was there a time in your adult life where you got away from your faith? Who led you back and held you accountable to that support?
  • You’re a four-time bikini champion, and you didn’t start competing until you were 38. That must have been a journey of discipline like no other. Can you tell us about that experience?
  • You’re an advocate for having a strong community. How do you know you’ve found the right community for you?
  • What advice do you have for people when setting a goal?

In this episode, you will learn about…

  • How Kelley learned what it means to be healthy from the inside-out
  • Kelley’s insight on how your words become who you are
  • Kelley’s DECIDE—DO—REPEAT approach to getting out of a dark place
  • How spending quiet time with the Bible helped Kelley release her pain to God
  • What Kelly does to curate an online community that builds each other up
  • Why Kelley is a fan of network marketing
  • Building on small wins to achieve big goals
  • The spiritual maturity it takes to train yourself to give control to God

Show Notes

Grief. Guilt. Negative self-talk.

These are the dream killers that hold so many of us back from living our purpose.

But what can we do when we’re stuck in a dark place? How do we shut down the self-sabotage and take action to create our own happiness?

Kelley Tyan is a fitness coach, course creator, four-time bikini champion and breast cancer survivor. She is committed to helping women live their healthiest and happiest lives and become who we are meant to be. Kelley is also the founder of the Level Up Boston Women’s Conference and the host of Addicted to the Climb.

On this episode of The Live Out Loud Show, Kelley joins Brooke to explain how our words become who we are and share her DECIDE—DO—REPEAT approach to getting through a setback. She explores what it means to be addicted to the climb, describing the discipline it takes to show up for yourself every day and build REAL health from the inside-out. Listen in for Kelley’s insight on finding a community that lifts you up and learn how to build the spiritual maturity to release your pain to God.

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