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343From Surviving to Thriving: Brooke Thomas on Faith, Leadership, and Empowering Women


From Surviving to Thriving: Brooke Thomas on Faith, Leadership, and Empowering Women With Palm Beach Illustrated Episode 344

In this episode, Brooke Thomas is interviewed by the Palm Beach Illustrated and she shares her journey of overcoming a cancer diagnosis at 26 and how it transformed her leadership approach. She emphasizes the importance of faith in her life and business, attributing her success to speaking positive affirmations and relying on God. Thomas discusses her passion for helping other women activate their leadership, wealth, and faith through various programs and memberships. She highlights the collaborative nature of her community, where women from diverse professional backgrounds support and promote each other. The conversation touches on the impact of mindset shifts necessary for transitioning from an employee to an entrepreneur. Additionally, Thomas talks about her upcoming book, which aims to inspire and activate readers’ potential. The episode concludes with the announcement of this discussion being featured on the Live Out Loud show and a nod to the nonprofit work her community engages in.

Key Highlights:
  • Introduction to Brooke Thomas and Live Out Loud: Brooke Thomas shares her inspiring journey and the creation of her Live Out Loud community, emphasizing faith, family, and business.
  • Overcoming Adversity: Brooke’s Cancer Story: Brooke recounts her battle with stage three cancer during her pregnancy and how it became a pivotal moment in her life.
  • Empowering Women through Community: Brooke discusses how Live Out Loud fosters genuine community among women, promoting support and positivity over jealousy and gossip.
  • Activating Your Impact: The podcast explores how women can activate their impact by being awake to opportunities, with examples of supporting local organizations like Hearts for Moms.
  • Leading with Faith: Brooke shares her approach to leadership, emphasizing reliance on faith and the belief that everyone has a purpose despite life’s challenges.
  • Advice for Aspiring Female Leaders: Practical tips and inspirational advice for women looking to lead with purpose, incorporating personal values and faith into their business journeys.
Featured Guest: Palm Beach Illustrated is a celebration of the Palm Beach lifestyle, catering to one of the world’s most affluent and sophisticated audiences.
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