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EP162From Losing It All To Forbes #1 Brand Strategist


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A lot of businesses experienced a lot of loss in 2020. But it’s what we learn from our losses that really matters. And how we respond to failure determines our ultimate success. Listen in as Jennifer Kem explains how she came back from losing it all to become Forbes top brand strategist in the world!

Question Highlights

  • Tell us about the experience of losing it all during the recession in 2008. What did it teach you about mindset?
  • What are some of the myths people should ignore when pursuing our entrepreneurial dreams?
  • You’ve developed a framework to help leaders make decisions that they’ll never regret. What is that based on?
  • Who is your ideal client?
  • You’re known for your work around brand archetypes. Can you talk us through that?
  • What is the most practical piece of advice you can give our listeners to do right now to create momentum in their business?

In this episode, you will learn about… 

  • Why Jennifer sees failure as the fastest path to success
  • The power in making a clean decision (even if it doesn’t produce the results you expect)
  • How our vision, voids and violations inform our lived values
  • Jennifer’s take on sales as simply letting people know how you can help them
  • How Jennifer helps entrepreneurs build personal, company and offer brands
  • The assessment you can use to develop your brand voice 
  • How Jennifer’s Femmefluence platform helps women build influence and affluence
  • Jennifer’s challenge to do the thing you’re avoiding NOW

Show Notes

A lot of businesses experienced a lot of loss in 2020.

But it’s what we learn from our losses that really matters. And how we come back from those failures is what determines our ultimate success.

Jennifer Kem built a retail business that made her a millionaire at the age of 32, only to lose it all in the recession two years later.

Today, she’s the successful owner of three different million-dollar brand-building businesses. As the CEO of Master Brand Institute, Jennifer helps emerging entrepreneurs, celebrity brands and major corporations build massive influence, impact and income. 

On this episode of The Live Out Loud Show, Jennifer joins Brooke to share her experience of losing it all, explaining why she sees failure as the fastest path to success.

She walks us through her framework for making decisions you won’t regret, describing how our vision, voids and violations inform our lived values.

Listen in for Jennifer’s practical advice on building momentum in your business and learn to leverage her Archetype Influence Mix diagnostic to develop the brand voice that will attract your dream clients!

Connect with Jennifer

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Jennifer’s Archetype Influence Mix Quiz

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The Power of Broke: How Empty Pockets, a Tight Budget, and a Hunger for Success Can Become Your Greatest Competitive Advantage by Daymond John

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