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EP238Empowering Girls with God’s Word


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How do we help girls know their worth and become the leaders God is calling them to be? Listen in as Erin Weidemann explains how her cancer journey ignited her faith and what inspired her to use the gift of storytelling to empower girls and women to make our greatest impact on the world!

Question Highlights

  • We’re both cancer survivors. Can you tell us about when you noticed something was wrong and how your diagnosis came about?
  • You talk about taking things for granted (like eating and getting dressed) and leaning on other people for help. Can you speak to that a little bit?
  • I know you met your husband Brent during your cancer journey. I would love to know about your husband and your kids.
  • You’ve written five books on inspiring women in the Bible, and I understand that you got the idea after talking to your niece, Hannah, about her name. Can you tell us about that? What would you say the age demographic is for these books?
  • How do you serve girls after age 13? Are you tackling that?
  • You call Truth Becomes Her ‘the worth movement.’ Do you want to expand on that?
  • Talk to me about the Legacy Story Academy. What’s that all about?
  • Was there anything else that you wanted to tell us about your business or anything else that you have going on right now that you want us to know about?

In this episode, you’ll learn about…

  • [1:29] Erin’s traumatic experience with thyroid cancer
  • [5:16] How Erin’s cancer journey led her to a relationship with the Lord
  • [10:16] The supernatural energy Erin maintained through quarantine
  • [13:37] How Erin and Brent became partners in marriage, ministry and business
  • [16:59] Helping girls form a meaningful connection with women of the Bible
  • [22:41] Erin’s Truth Becomes Her education platform
  • [26:43] Giving girls the tools to study God’s Word in community
  • [29:01] Erin’s Legacy Story Academy coaching program
  • [33:21] Partnering with God to step into YOUR calling

Show Notes

How do we help girls know their worth? How do we help them become the leaders God is calling them to be?

One powerful place to start is with story. The stories of female heroes in the Bible as well as present-day role models who are changing the world for good.

Erin Weidemann is the bestselling author behind the Bible Belles book series for girls and the cocreator of the Truth Becomes Her, an education platform that provides resources to equip girls and women for their unique leadership roles.

She is also Founder of Legacy Story Academy, a coaching program for high-impact people who know there’s a story inside them and want to either or put it in a book or tell it on a stage.

On this episode of The Live Out Loud Show, Erin joins me to share her own legacy story, walking us through her cancer journey and describing how the experience led her to a powerful relationship with the Lord.

Erin explores how her books help young girls form a meaningful connection with women of the Bible and explains what it looks like to give girls the tools to study God’s Word.

Listen in for Erin’s insight on partnering with God to step into your calling and learn to leverage the power of story to empower the girls in your sphere of influence and make your greatest impact on the world!

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