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ep342Defying All Odds And Finding Success In The Lord With Kayla Cardona


In this episode of the Live Out Loud podcast, host Brooke Thomas sits down with Kayla Cardona!
Key Highlights:
  • Introduction to Kayla and her incredible story: Kayla shares her life story starting from her hardships experienced as a child growing up with a split family, teen pregnancy and how she overcome every obstacle in her life!
  • How she overcame obstacle after obstacle on her path to success: She knew deep down that there was more to life then just working 3 jobs, living in her car with her son, and struggling for over 10 years. There was a turning point when she got her real estate license and never turned back. Hence the name of her podcast, Pain To Power.
  • Her journey to the Lord and how her life changed: Both Brooke and Kayla share their personal journeys of coming to faith and finding their callings, highlighting the unexpected paths that led them to where they are today.
The conversation wraps up with how Brooke and Kayla persevere in business by staying focused on the path God has them on to continue growing and building as successful women.
Featured Guest: Kayla Cardona is a mom, realtor, certified life coach, Netflix star, speaker and host the the @paintopowerpod podcast!
Get in touch with her at:
email: contact@kaylacardona.com
IG: @mskaylacardona
Website: https://www.kaylacardona.com/
Youtube: Kayla Cardona
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