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EP133Business Resources for Women from a Biblical Perspective


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How do you apply what you learn on Sunday in your 9-to-5? Thrive Today helps women with business resources for women that come from a Biblical perspective. Listen in as Founder Colleen Rouse explains how to identify the authority of Scripture and connect it with your success in the marketplace!

Question Highlights

  • Where did the idea for Thrive Today come from and who is it for?
  • What’s the difference between strong women vs. women of strength?
  • How do we start the process of being a daughter of the Lord first?
  • How do you see women leading differently than men? And what areas need improvement?
  • Can you talk more about how important it is for us to take on the characteristics of the women in the Bible right now—in today’s marketplace?
  • How can women get involved in Thrive Today’s upcoming launch?
  • What is your go-to Scripture for women in business?

In this episode, you will learn about…

  • The challenges we face in taking what we hear on Sunday into work on Monday
  • How our strength doesn’t wane when we abide in the Lord
  • How to embrace the feminine ability to nurture as part of our calling
  • Colleen’s insight on what Mary, Esther and Deborah can teach us about leadership
  • Why it’s crucial for women to have a community where we can be fully ourselves
  • What it means to meditate on the Word of God
  • How Galatians 2:20 rescues Colleen from poor decisions and feeds her soul
  • Growing into the feminine expression of Jesus on earth that you’re called to be

Show Notes

How do you apply what you learn on Sunday in your 9-to-5?

If you’re looking for business resources designed specifically for women that come from a Biblical perspective, look no further than Colleen Rouse. Her work centers around supporting female leaders in using our influence more effectively.

Colleen is the Cofounder of Victory Church in Atlanta and Creator of Thrive Today, a leadership community that empowers professional women to maximize their potential at work, at home and in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Colleen is also the author of the three-volume Discussion Series, a collection designed to help women identify the authority of Scripture and connect it with their success in the marketplace.

On this episode of The Live Out Loud Show, Colleen joins Brooke to explain what it means to be a woman of strength, challenging us to serve as a daughter of the Lord first and embrace our ability to nurture as a leadership quality.

Colleen describes how we can leverage the heart and character of Mary, Esther and Deborah in the marketplace, inviting us to join the Thrive Today community for a safe space to explore Scripture and grow into our leadership.

Listen in for Colleen’s go-to Bible verses for women in business and get inspired to become the feminine expression of Jesus on earth you’re called to be!

Connect with Colleen Rouse

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Hebrews 4

Psalm 46:10

Galatians 2:20

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