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EP36Building a Recession-Proof Network Marketing Team with Cassie Woods


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Our collective stress level has gone up a notch the past month, and many of us feel defeated and stuck. Can we continue to be productive and maybe even GROW our businesses through the Corona craziness? Listen in as Cassie Woods explains how her network marketing business is achieving record growth despite the current quarantine!

Question Highlights

  • Why did your networking marketing business experience explosive growth despite the shutdown? What is your secret sauce?
  • What is attraction marketing?
  • What advice do you have for the people who are struggling with focus right now?
  • What is working for you most during this quarantine?
  • What can you tell us about The Social Swagger Podcast?
  • What has having an online business done for you?

In this episode, you will learn about…

  • Cassie’s decision to keep showing up and selling through the shutdown
  • How Cassie is coaching her network marketing team to continue to grow and serve
  • How to build a team of ideal business partners and attract your ideal customers
  • The systems Cassie has built around batching creative work
  • Taking care of your health + staying connected to uplifting people during the quarantine
  • Cassie’s strategy of allowing for her emotions without getting attached to them
  • How an online business allows Cassie to step into her purpose and build a residual income

Show Notes

It’s safe to say that our collective stress level has gone up a notch or two in the past month. And many of us feel defeated and stuck.

Can we continue to be productive and maybe even GROW our businesses through the Corona craziness? Is that even a possibility?

Cassie Woods is a top network marketing leader and high-performance health nut who helps other women become successful online entrepreneurs. She is also the cohost of The Social Swagger Podcast, a weekly show that teaches network marketers how to build a social media following and grow their businesses online. Despite the Coronavirus shutdown, Cassie’s businesses have experienced record growth in the past months, and she credits attraction marketing for helping her continue to show up and serve.

On this episode of The Live Out Loud Show, Cassie joins Brooke to explain what differentiates attraction marketing from the traditional model and discuss how she has built a team of ideal business partners she absolutely LOVES. She shares her secret sauce for being focused and creative in the face of a difficult situation, challenging us to take care of our health and plug into uplifting people while we’re isolated at home. Listen in for Cassie’s insight on navigating the heightened emotions we’re feeling during the quarantine and learn how YOU can build a networking marketing business that keeps you fulfilled and financially secure—no matter what else is going on!

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