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EP288Building a Deeper Connection with Your Spouse


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Feel like your marriage could be better but don’t know where to start? Melanie Studley married a marriage and family therapist, and even they experienced a dark season that nearly ended in divorce. Listen in as Melanie explains what it took to save her marriage and how to build a deeper connection with your spouse!

Question Highlights

  • You’re married to a licensed marriage and family therapist, and even you experienced a season that nearly brought you to divorce. That says a lot about how difficult marriage can be. Can you tell us about that?
  • What was the one thing that made the biggest difference for you and Seth in walking toward a solution together when your marriage was so broken?
  • What simple shift can people start making today to stop the fighting or just to not feel unseen or unappreciated?
  • You suggest that couples pray together. What does that practically look like for you, as an example to everybody else?
  • What challenges did you face before you came to the Live Out Loud community that you feel like the mastermind has helped you get a result?
  • Your podcast, The Anatomy of Us, offers advice on relationships, communication tools and other common issues experienced in relationships. So, what is one of the most common communication issues? And better yet, how can we fix it?
  • Because Brett and I work together, I feel like our conversations are all about business or the kids. Why do you think it’s hard sometimes for couples to get out of that zone?
  • I know you offer high-performance marriage coaching. How is that different from therapy or couples counseling?
  • Can you describe your Power Couple Summit and the experience that people will receive at the event?

In this episode, you will learn about…

  • [2:15] How the difficult period of Melanie’s marriage inspired the work she does now
  • [6:09] The power of praying together with your spouse out loud
  • [9:25] How Melanie has become an active participant in her prayer life
  • [15:29] Why it feels terrifying for Melanie to step into joy
  • [20:06] How the Live Out Loud community is helping Melanie reconnect with the Lord
  • [26:09] Melanie’s experience with women from different walks of life at my live event
  • [29:48] Why you shouldn’t assume that your spouse will understand you
  • [32:07] How Melanie’s conversation starters help couples build a new level of connection
  • [34:48] How therapy and coaching can work hand in hand
  • [39:26] Why it’s important to have community around the success of your marriage
  • [42:27] Melanie’s encouragement that there is hope for your marriage

Show Notes

Do you feel like your marriage could be better, but you don’t know where to start?

Melanie Studley is married to a marriage and family therapist. She and her husband, Seth, are both Christian.

But that did not prevent them from experiencing a very dark season that nearly brought them to divorce.

Melanie and Seth are the co-hosts of The Anatomy of Us, a podcast with over 4.5 million downloads. They also offer high-performance marriage coaching that helps couples create and execute a vision for their life together.

On this episode of The Live Out Loud Show, Melanie discusses the difficult season of her marriage and what it took to save it.

Melanie describes the power of praying with your spouse, walking us through what that looks like in practice and how the Live Out Loud community is transforming her prayer life.

Listen in for insight on the most common communication issue couples face and learn about Melanie’s tools for building a deeper level of connection with your partner.

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