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EP56Build Your Health & Be Your Best Self


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We are only given one life to experience the best of this world, to make choices that support our dreams, to overcome the obstacles in our path. And we only get one body to do it in. Listen in as Amy Ledin explains how to build your health and show up as your Best Self!

Question Highlights

  • How did getting a cancer diagnosis change your view of health? What did that whole experience teach you?
  • Over time, you have embraced vulnerability to share the deep stuff that’s shaped you. What advice would you give people who don’t know how to lean into that?
  • A lot of times, people equate HARD with BAD. How do you see hard conversations? What is your best suggestion for having hard conversations in a way that feels safe?
  • I’m a big believer in creating routines that support the life I want, and I know you have developed a daily agreement process. Can you tell us about it? Why is it so important?
  • At one point, you lost 90 pounds and then proceeded to teach bootcamps for the US Navy. What was the key to your weight loss?
  • You and your husband, Erik, combined your fitness companies. How has working together helped you as a couple? Did you go through an adjustment period?

In this episode, you will learn about…

  • How shame impacts our physical health
  • What Amy did to get past the place of judging herself—and others
  • The connection between resentment and self-betrayal
  • How Amy uses the seven-year-old self character to navigate difficult conversations
  • Amy’s insight on how keeping commitments to yourself builds confidence
  • Why fitness often serves as a catalyst for bigger change
  • How Amy leverages different Best Self characters in different circumstances
  • What’s behind the name of Amy’s new podcast, F* It!

Show Notes

We are given one life here on this earth: One life to experience the best of this world. One life to make choices that support our dreams. One life to overcome the obstacles in our path.

And we only get one body to do it in.

So, how do we build our health (mental AND physical) and show up as our Best Self, even under difficult circumstances?

Amy Ledin is the co-owner and operator at Lean Bodies Consulting. She has been in the online wellness space for over a decade, building multiple fitness brands and honing her expertise as a high-performance coach. Amy is also the host of F* It!, a podcast dedicated to sharing her stories of overcoming adversity (including stage 4 cancer) and inspiring others to grow into their best self.

On this episode of The Live Out Loud Show, Amy joins Brooke to explain how her cancer diagnosis changed her view of health. She describes the freedom that comes from being vulnerable enough to share the deep stuff, offering insight on how to navigate hard conversations and show up as your best self. Listen in as Amy shares her daily agreement process for building personal integrity and learn how to improve YOUR health—from the inside-out!

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