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EP156Brooke Answers Your Top FAQ’s On Business, Life & Faith, Part 2


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Brooke put out the call for your questions, and the Live Out Loud audience responded. So, Brooke and Lexi are back with a second round of Q&A! Listen in for insight on staying motivated through challenging times and get advice on growing your business to a million-dollar annual income as a faith-filled woman entrepreneur.

Question Highlights

  •  What is the most necessary skill for creating a million-dollar annual income?
  • How do you stay consistent and motivated while managing disappointment?
  • As an entrepreneur, what is the best way to structure your day and parent, keep the house clean and just do it all?
  • Is there a consistent strategy or system to help foster trust with prospective clients to be confident that what I have is what they need?
  • What do you do when you feel inadequate in a situation or are having trouble moving to the next level in business?
  • You are a self-professed bookworm. What’s on your bedside table now that you can’t put down?

In this episode, you will learn about… 

  • Why you have to drop the spirit of offense to build a successful business
  • How Brooke talks about her to-dos as the things she GETS to do
  • How you can ‘have it all’ if you delegate some of your responsibilities
  • Brooke & Lexi’s advice on finding the tech tools that work for you and your team
  • Why you should lead with your solution in any sales conversation
  • Trading skills with other women entrepreneurs to get help on a project
  • Brooke’s go-to songs, accessories and favorite ways to exercise

Show Notes

Brooke put out the call for your questions, and the Live Out Loud audience responded. I mean, you REALLY responded!

So, Brooke and Lexi are back with a second round of Q&A, answering more of your burning questions on business, life and faith.

On this episode of the podcast, Brooke shares the most necessary skill for building a million-dollar business and offers advice for women entrepreneurs on how to ‘have it all.’

She explains how to stay motivated when you’re managing disappointment and what to do when you’re struggling to get to the next level in business.

Listen in for insight on trading skills with other women entrepreneurs for help on a project and learn about Brooke’s go-to books, music and workouts. 

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