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EP201Arise & Shine as a Kingdom Entrepreneur


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Julianne Kirkland was living the dream, speaking on BIG stages to a global audience of entrepreneurs. But because she couldn’t talk about Jesus, she wasn’t fully herself. Listen in as Julianne explains how God called her to create her own stage through Ambitious Women Arise as Kingdom Entrepreneurs, otherwise known as the AWAKE Conference.

Question Highlights

  • Tell us about the AWAKE Conference you’ve created around aligning your business with Kingdom principles.
  • One of the graphics for the AWAKE Conference says, ‘Isolation is the feeding ground for doubt.’ Can you tell us more about that?
  • You did a rebrand of your international bestselling book, The Water Walker, called Arise and Shine. Why did you want to publish a second edition? 
  • You know firsthand that as a believer, you are not immune from hardship. Jesus is very clear to tell us that in the world, you will have trouble and ‘refinement happens in the fire.’ How did you come to embrace this idea and what happened in your story that really brought this idea to life?
  • There’s so many Scriptures about us being able to pull the Kingdom realm down to us on earth, but I think most of us live in a place where that seems like too big of an ask. Why do we not ask? Why do we back down from that? 
  • As the mother of 6 and a busy entrepreneur, how do you maintain everything you have going on? How do you do it all? 

In this episode, you’ll learn about…

  • [1:25] Julianne’s experience of speaking on big stages but feeling inauthentic
  • [7:05] Why it’s crucial for Kingdom women to get plugged into a community
  • [10:52] How the word ARISE has been a theme in Julianne’s life since childhood
  • [18:42] The privilege we have as believers to reflect the radiance of the Lord
  • [22:58] Believing we have access to the resources of the Kingdom here on earth
  • [25:30] What inspired Julianne to step out of her comfort zone and pursue the BIG dream of creating her own stage
  • [27:55] Embodying who Christ says you are and what you’re capable of vs. looking at what everybody else is doing 
  • [31:42] Julianne’s advice around enjoying the season you’re right now

Show Notes

Overcomer Strategist Julianne Kirkland was living the dream, speaking on stages to a global audience of entrepreneurs for some of the biggest gurus in the business. But something wasn’t right. 

Julianne was sharing business strategies and how to overcome as an entrepreneur, but she couldn’t talk about Jesus. And that meant she wasn’t fully herself. 

God was calling Julianne to create her own stage, and she answered in the form of the Ambitious Women Arise as Kingdom Entrepreneurs or AWAKE Conference, an event taking place in Atlanta, Georgia, at the end of March. 

On this episode of The Live Out Loud Show, Julianne joins Brooke to explain how she designed AWAKE to help other faith-filled female entrepreneurs align our businesses with Kingdom principles.

She shares the thinking behind the rebrand of her book, Arise and Shine: Manifesting God’s Strength to Overcome Life’s Obstacles, discussing the idea that ‘refinement happens in the fire’ and describing the privilege we have as believers to reflect the radiance of the Lord.

Listen in for Julianne’s advice on stepping out of your comfort zone to embody who Christ says you are—to ARISE and SHINE for His glory!

Connet with Julianne

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Julianne on Instagram


Julianne on The Live Out Loud Show EP098 

Arise and Shine: Manifesting God’s Strength to Overcome Life’s Obstacles by Julianne Kirkland

Matthew 14:22-36

John 16:33

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