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EP54Achieving Financial Freedom


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CEO, mentor and genius businessman Hiep Tran is changing lives through his work.  He is the mastermind behind Amare Global, a company which focuses on mental health and wellbeing.  His story is proof that dedication and perseverance can be the stepping stones to creating a thriving businesses through passive income – even when nobody thought you could.

Question Highlights

  • Was there a moment when you first realized passive income would make this much of a difference in your life?
  • As someone who was naturally shy, how did you learn to make interpersonal connections?
  • How does forming relationships impact your business?
  • What does mental wellness mean to you?
  • What made you decide that you wanted to continue growing your business?
  • Why have you chosen the direct selling method?
  • How has your own mental wellness journey informed your business?
  • Your business name means “to love.” How has that changed your outlook?
  • How has the COVID-19 pandemic shown the importance of residual income?
  • What is a good first step for someone looking to begin their residual income business, especially during this time?
  • What is the most important thing someone can learn from your story?
  • The importance of achieving goals never thought possible
  • Gaining financial freedom
  • The freedom that residual income can provide
  • Starting your business from nothing
  • The need for networking and how to do it successfully
  • Generating passive income
  • Discovering the best way to sell your product
  • Prioritizing your own mental health
  • Creating a business that has a positive impact
  • Business security through passive income

Show Notes

Hiep Tran grew up working in the family restaurant. His parents were determined for him to lead a different life.  After five years in college as a biology major, he dropped out.  He then went to work in merchant processing, which taught him about how businesses run and gave him a diverse perspective.  After seven years, he became Vice President of Operations and realized he wanted more freedom.

So many challenges come from within ourselves.  In order to create a successful business, taking risks and building confidence are necessities.  Hiep found his freedom in residual income, which has allowed him to provide for his family and expand his businesses in innovative ways.  The answers he discovered could be the ones that will help you achieve your goals.

In this episode of The Live Out Loud Show, Hiep offers advice to those who are creating their businesses, while sharing the lessons he’s learned through years of hard work and taking risks.  His company focuses on mental wellness, reflecting his dedication to leaving a positive impact.  In the next hour, you’ll learn how to grow your business, secure residual income and prioritize the things that matter!

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