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EP179A Tool to Help You Prioritize Prayer


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How many times have you promised to pray for someone… But then, you got busy and forgot? Now, there’s an app for that! Listen in as Julee Dilley describes what inspired her to build the PRAYR app and how it helps us prioritize prayer and make it a consistent part of our daily life.

Question Highlights 

  • How did you get the idea for the PRAYR smartphone app?
  • Can you talk about the power of prayer when it comes to cancer and other sicknesses? And how important is it to have a platform to promote that?
  • What do you think is the benefit of consistent prayer?
  • I believe that praying with friends strengthens our prayer life. Can you explain how this app allows you to connect with more of your people?
  • What’s the best way for us to support you in launching PRAYR?

In this episode, you will learn about… 

  • How PRAYR makes it easy to let people know you are praying for them
  • What Julee’s battle with stage 4 lymphoma taught her about the power of prayer
  • Why we don’t always make prayer a priority (despite our best intentions)
  • How the visual aspect of Julee’s app helps us create connection
  • How meaningful it is to know that people are praying for you when you need it
  • The ministry leaders who are excited to use Julee’s PRAYR app
  • Why PRAYR separates prayer requests from the group chat feature

Show Notes

Have you ever been struggling and wondered if anyone was really praying for you? Or maybe you meant to pray for friend, but then you got busy and forgot?

When it comes to prayer, we all have good intentions… And yet, remembering to stop and pray can be challenging.

But now, there’s an app for that!

Julee Dilley is the creator of PRAYR, a smartphone app that reminds you when you need to pray for someone and makes it easy to encourage your faith community with prayer and Scripture.

On this episode of The Live Out Loud Show, Julee joins Brooke to share what inspired her to create PRAYR, discussing the health crisis that taught her about the power of prayer.

She explains the benefit of consistent prayer, describing how the PRAYR app allows us to connect with our people and let them know we’re praying for them.

Listen in for insight on how Julee’s app works and learn how to support her in launching PRAYR and making this tool available to ministries all over the world!

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