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EP72A Not-So-Overnight Success in Network Marketing


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Do you think you have to spend big money on ads or learn a complex system to have success on social media? The fact is, there are easy, duplicatable ways to prospect on channels like Facebook and Instagram. Listen in as Bec Sadek explains how she is leveraging social media to scale her network marketing business!

Question Highlights

  • What do you love most about having a network marketing business?
  • Were you successful in network marketing right away?
  • What do people get wrong when it comes to network marketing and social media?
  • How are you helping your team find success on social media? Can you tell us about the prospecting tool you’ve built?
  • What part of social media drives you nuts? What do you do to overcome or get around it?
  • What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
  • What do you like to do when you need to disconnect?
  • What advice would you give on how to choose a network marketing company?

In this episode, you will learn about…

  • Why Bec calls network marketing the training wheels for entrepreneurs
  • Using the residual income from network marketing to fuel your passions and build other businesses
  • The top two pivotal moments that took Bec to the next level in network marketing
  • Why authenticity wins on social media
  • How Bec is using Facebook groups in her network marketing business
  • Leveraging social media to find your people and build authentic connections
  • Why breakthroughs require both skillset and mindset
  • Choosing a network marketing company that is relevant, innovative and aligns with your core values

Show Notes

Think you need to spend big money on ads or learn a complex system to have success on social media?

What if I told you there are easy, duplicatable ways to attract prospective clients and team members through channels like Facebook and Instagram?

What if you could leverage social media to scale your network marketing business to $10K+ per month?

Bec Sadek is a network marketing leader, social media coach and host of the Social Swagger Podcast. She designs simple social media marketing strategies to connect online, onboarding thousands of customers and partners in her business. Bec has enjoyed two record-breaking years in a row, and her team’s business has doubled since January despite the global pandemic.

On this episode of The Live Out Loud Show, Bec joins Brooke to discuss what she loves most about network marketing, explaining how she has used the residual income to build other businesses. She opens up about the times she was frustrated and felt stuck, describing how she invested in both her skillset and mindset to take her business to the next level. Listen in for Bec’s insight on showing up online with authenticity and learn how YOU can use social media to grow a network marketing business!

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