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EP326A Journey of Faith and Healing: Stage 3 Cancer Diagnosis


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In this episode, Brooke opens up about her battle with cancer at the young age of 26, and how it shaped her life and mindset. This powerful story is not just Brooke’s story but a beacon of hope for anyone facing life-altering challenges.


Key Highlights

Brooke’s Cancer Journey at 26: Brooke shares her emotional and physical struggle with stage three melanoma during her first pregnancy. She recounts the difficult choices she faced and the resilience she needed to get through a difficult time.

Impact of Diagnosis on Mental Health: This episode shares the emotional toll of a cancer diagnosis, especially when coupled with the joy and expectation of pregnancy.

The Power of Faith and A Positive Mindset: Brooke discusses how her faith and a positive mindset were crucial in her journey. She emphasizes the role of Scripture and prayer in finding strength and hope.

Importance of Community and Speaking Out: She stresses the importance of community support and the power of sharing one’s story. Brooke highlights how speaking out loud about her struggles brought healing and encouraged others.


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